In a single word, 2019 wasInsane

We had to handle more than30 billionrequests.

36,245,715,846 to be exact.

That's 3x more than every last year.


   >_   _ /
    ) ^ (
    \ = /
     | |
   __| |__
  / \   / \
 |   `-'   |
 |__|   |__|
  |||   |||
  |||   |||
  |||   |||
  |||   |||
 /  |___/  \
 ||(|   \)||
  \\| | |//
    | | |
    | | |
    | | |
    | | |
    ( ( |
    | | |
    | | |
    | | |
    | | |
    | | |
/ /      \
385TB0 TB

This year alone, our infrastructure used a mere 394,240gb of bandwidth.

It's still less than Chrome's average RAM usage, but it's honest work.

We also introduced the mighty Digital Media Review.

Our own anonymized & aggregated data analysis for news websites.

That bad boy used a total of 2586 data queries, reading, compiling and caching more than 800tb of numbers in the process.


BSD General Commands Manual

poool -- displays current poool codebase numbers
poool [-s | -N | -A | -c | -K]

2019 was the year we decided to dismantle our entire mono-service server architecture to rebuild everything as micro services.


We added a total 276k+ lines of code (and deleted just as many) across all our repositories. And not even one intern was sacrified in the process.


We contributed to more than a dozen open-source repositories, and created a shiny secured & cross-origin iframe messaging utility called Buddy. Please love it.


We pushed more than 8k commits to our GitHub repositories, around 4% of them comming from bots like Renovate or Greenkeeper. All-hail the hypnobots!


We triggered more than 5k CI jobs, or 1,808,141 unit tests if you speak the language of gods. We won't discuss about failed builds here, move along.


We killed 2 macbooks in the process. Sorry Tim Apple, we hate destroying beautiful products, but we needed an innocent reason to get that fancy new 16" 8tb beast.

See also
discovr(1), underlines(3)
December 31, 2019

But most importantly.

It was time to say goodbye to a good old friend.

Once and for all.

!!! [SPECIAL OFFER HERE] !!! POOOL — Internet Explorer


Farewell Internet Explorer!

A story about the future of the internet without its elder child.

Written by a complete stranger at the other end of your phone line.

It was a thuesday, if I recall. A completely typical thuesday at Poool: fixing typos in code, spilling gluten-free organic earl grey all over the keyboard, wondering why life is only giving lemons when secretly your favorite food is a greasy chicken strips family bucket from KFC.

The phone started ringing.

« Internet Explorer is kil
- No » [1]

Shocked, we were.

This is it. After all these years, just like that, in the blink of an eye, it was gone.

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